Spanish Flowers

Spanish Flowers (also called Spanish Flores) is a song by Philm, headed by guitarist and singer Gerry, and bassist Pancho Tomaselli. This song is a tribute and elegy to death 


Creative lead, Animation, Character Design, 3D Modelling 

Nestor Tomaselli


Character Design, Frame by Frame animation, and layouts 

Fanny Vicencio & Celia Hsu 

Character Animation, Compositing, Finishing, 3D animation 


Fernando Yanes 






Music by: 

Gerry Nestler : Guitar & Vocals

Pancho Tomaselli : Bass Guitar

Character Design

The Priests

These were the first priest designs made by the director. This gave me a guideline of what he was looking for in the character. 

My Design

Final Design 

The Priestess

Director´s Design

My Design

Final Design 

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